EA Associates specializes in the
recruitment of Life Science
professionals across Canada.


EA Associates is a recruitment agency located in Southwestern Ontario, comprised of subject matter experts specializing in the recruitment of Life Science professionals across Canada. The team members are HR-centric problem solvers and business advisors, who possess specific expertise in the areas of Pharma, Biotech/Engineering and IT.

Our team members are hunters – direct recruiters who often approach passive candidates, happy where they are, but open to better opportunities. EA Associates leverages our expansive network, acting as an extension of our client’s HR function, with the unique ability to find that “needle in the haystack.

what people are saying

“I have been working with EA Associates for more than two years. EA Associates’ skills produce best results … talent and engagement allows for selection of the best candidates. Thanks to EA Associates, my company gained many talented professionals. It has been a pleasure to work with EA Associates.”

Michael (Olgierd) Karpowicz, Director of Production


“EA Associates sets the bar a little higher… what I wish all recruiters would be. With the innate ability to see beyond the resumes and job profiles, EA Associates has a talent for finding the best match of position, team and individual.”

Jim McFarlin, Operations Manager

Quinte-Kawartha Alarm Systems Limited

“EA Associates thinks like a client, knows what you need and will look out for your best interests.”

Michael Rodionov, President

MMR Consulting

“EA Associates takes time to understand the business and learn about the role… I know what to expect”

Kelly Krok, Director of HR

Community Health Programs

“When an individual navigates through new career opportunities, having a highly skilled placement professional working with you is a key to success. EA Associates are considerate and effective in [their] approach to bring a candidate and their future employer together.”

John Andrew, Director, Automation & IT

MMR Consulting Inc.


Aimee Hagerty, CEO

I have always known I think differently – caring more deeply about the simpler things others easily cast aside. My favourite book as a child was ‘The Giving Tree’ by Shel Silverstein. The values demonstrated through this story became my guiding light. To this day, I approach everything I do, including my business, with kindness, integrity, dedication and respect. Recruitment is my passion, because when it is done right, when it puts people first, it is founded on these very same principles.

When you are different you have two choices; conform or build your strengths and break the mould. After eight years in the industry, I founded EA Associates Inc. to break the mould, creating a people-first organization that is grounded in partnership and focused on delivering both client and candidate success.
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“EA Associates was there for me every step of the way for my transition to my new employer. EA Associates was knowledgeable about the position, my abilities, and confident in there being a good match. EA Associates coached me well, offered great advice with encouragement, and continued to follow-up with me even after my transition to see how I was doing. Simply excellent service.”

Jeff Bowskill, General Manager


“EA Associates are great recruiters with excellent knowledge about the job market… matched very well my skills, experience and expectations. EA Associates provided me very useful advice and encouraged me during the transition period… also continued to follow-up with me all the way. I highly recommend EA Associates to anyone who is seeking new opportunities!”

Catalin Oprean, Quality Assurance Release Specialist

Innomar Strategies

“EA Associates recruits for longevity, people who will grow with the organization … fast and delivers when they say they are going to. EA Associates successfully filled 5 positions within weeks, with 4 out of 5 still part of the organization after 3 years”

Stuart du Kamp, Executive Director

CMC Regulatory Affairs


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